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Legacy Time: Elks! Casual Tribal Deck

As many might know, I’m not sure into winning every single game of Magic I play. I like to play for the fun of the game, a lot. This leads me to some weird, and probably bad, deck ideas.

When I started playing Magic, my parents bought me the Stampede Theme deck from Fifth Dawn. The first thing I did once I learned how to actually play the game was, I took out the Red. My new mono Green deck slowly evolved into Elves. Not the combo Elves type of deck, just a pile of Elves. This, I believe, is where my love of tribal themes was seeded. In those days I just played kitchen table with a few friends and never played in tournaments.

My second deck that I ever created was a Blue and White Merfolk in Lorwyn. (Yes, I played with my Elves for many years without trying a single new thing. I wish I could go back and expand my horizon from the start, but that’s another story.) I guess where I am trying to get at is that most of my Magic-playing-life I have been playing tribal decks.

This brings me to my current state of mind. I want to play a tribal strategy, but I can’t just simply build a good deck like Merfolk or Goblins. No, I have to go deep into the card database and see what other creature subtypes might have a chance. I plan on writing more about all the “fun” ones I have found, but for now I want to stick with the one I first set out to make. Elks.

I was going to take Aurochs, but that seemed too easy. Why Elks? I’m not sure. I have a deep down love for Green and wild animals like elk and deer. Also, I have a secret love for Great Sable Stag.

Saying that I want to work on this deck might be a bad idea, but I really do think it could do decent at my local tournaments. Because I know how much you all are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see the list, here it is (for now):

Lands: 24
24x Forest

Creatures: 14
4x Dawntreader Elk
4x Great Sable Stag
4x Gang of Elk
2x Axebane Stag

Other: 22
4x Rancor
4x Spider Umbra
4x Snake Umbra
2x Overrun
4x Rampant Growth
4x Ranger’s Path

I’m not sure.

As you can see, this deck is a work in progress. Fetch lands would help thin out the deck, but too many nonbasics could lead to failing to find with Rampant Growth or Ranger’s Path. Also, Mutavault could help the deck along with other shapeshifters. Game-Trail Changeling would be an idea. He even still looks like a Elk or maybe a Moose. I don’t know. It will probably always be bad, but I like it.

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