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A Priceless Moment: Spending Family Time With A Fun Camping Game

Going out for a camping or picnic is a great way of bonding with the family. Instead of going to lavish restaurants or unhealthy fast food chains, it is better to drive that big ole truck and go someplace where you can enjoy the beauty of nature while spending quality time with your family. To make it more interesting, you can play some camping or picnic games that your kids will surely enjoy!

You may adopt a common camping game, or you may think of something that is unique and out-of-the-box; it actually doesn’t matter, as long as all of the family members are having a goodtime.

Cornhole is a fun picnic game that involves 2 platforms with a hole each, and beanbags. You may form two teams of two, or you can have a one-on-one battle. The platforms will be placed distant from each other (more like 20 to 25 ft). The players will stand right beside the platform (pitching box) where they will throw their beanbag (4 for each team). The aim is to shoot the beanbag on the hole of the platform (worth 3 points) or at least place it on the platform (worth 1 point). After all bags are thrown, count the points of each team. The difference between the scores of the winning team and the losing team for that round will be added to the score of the winning team. The winning team will also toss first for the next round. First to get the score of 21 will win the game.

Aside from cornhole, there are also other camping games for kids that are much simpler. The alphabet game is a fun and energizing one. You will ask the kids to find an object on the trail that begins with each letter from the English alphabet. Another game that involves the alphabet is the Noah’s ark, in which each family member will mention an animal that they will bring to Noah’s ark, and it should be in alphabetical order. If you made an error or were not able to mention an animal, you will get out of the circle. Last player in the circle wins. Scavenger Hunt is another fun game; all you need is a list of things that you may find in the trail (a feather, a pinecone, a white pebble). Each of you will just have to find everything on the list.

You can also play classic games like tag and hide-and-seek. There are also a lot of bonding activities that you can do like making a fort, building a sand castle (if you are on the beach), singing campfire songs (around the bonfire, you can also sing popular songs) and telling stories.


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